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Havi Express Services

Complete Delivery

We want to help Havi Express understand the value of your time and commitments

  • HAVI will analyze your mix of shipping providers based on your cost and performance needs
  • Recommend alternate providers where it makes sense
  • When HV is selected over a private carrier HV will offer the following:
  • Fully guaranteed Specific Delivery
  • Optional parcel insurance (up to $200)
  • No hassle claims processing and customer service
  • Flexible postage & carrier billing options.
  • Qualifying customers get complimentary 2 week payment terms for HV
  • Global Payment Solutions offers one consolidated invoice for all your countrywide locations with up to 27 days to pay

Customer Specific Pricing

A complete data analysis must be completed before a customer specific rate can be given. HV analyzes the data and a competitive rate is provided based on the shipping characteristics. This service is for high volume shippers

HV Complete Delivery

First Class Same day Service

First Class Package Service, provides you the services same day in Karachi of your specific time  

Priority Mail

Priority Mail, 1-3 day service Domestic and International

Priority Mail Express

Priority Mail Express, overnight or 1-2 days delivery on any day of the year except (weekends, holidays)

  Economy Service

HV Economy service offers ground delivery service to U.K. & Europe at very low rates and delivery ranges from 7–9 days. Rates are based on distance, weight and mail piece dimensions.

Dubai Shop

If you wish to buy any goods from Dubai and want it to deliver at your door step, HAVI express is here to give you complete purchasing and delivery solution without any hassle.

3rd Party Collection and Delivery.

If you wish to collect any shipment from anywhere I the world to any destination in the world including Pakistan, you need to just call HAVI Express, and rest HAVI will arrange.

The Power of Choice

Retail Finally Looks Complete Through the HAVI Express Lens

Havi Express


Pricing & plans

See our pricing & plans to get best service


for single product

  • Product Weight: < 3kg
  • Country: all
  • duration: 7-14 days
  • support: yes


for package product

  • Product Weight: < 3kg
  • Country: all
  • duration: 7-14 days
  • support: yes


for multiple product

  • Product Weight: < 3kg
  • Country: all
  • duration: 7-14 days
  • support: yes