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You need to partner with a reliable and forward thinking solutions provider who can help you with logistics, customer service, and technology integration.

  • Processes 15000 mail pieces and parcels monthly
  • Executes shipping and tracking
  • Drives cross border logistics
  • Unifies commerce with Complete Shipping
  • Supports more Connect Ship customers than any other

You need a partner you can trust to deliver Havi Express

Private Carrier Rates

What you pay to others

  • Surcharges and accessorial 13% average increase of GST increase Up to 20-32% higher

Cost Effective

What you save!

  • Customers saving 20-40%!
  • Personalized services
  • Tailor made solutions over a call


So reliable you don’t think about it!

  • Equivalent to UPS or FedEx, DHL
  • Provides contextual information
  • Parcel insurance